The 4 Ways to Switch to Sustainable Fashion

How to make the switch to shop sustainably.

What is Sustainable Fashion?

Fast fashion is when inexpensive clothing is made to meet the demands of what is in style at the time. Right now, it is threatening our future because it is harming our environment. The importance of sustainable fashion steps in here and makes us want to consider if our clothing is made to last or limiting wasted fabric in production. It also makes us more aware of the environmental impact of fabric production.

Figuring Out Where You Stand

To make the switch to sustainable fashion, you should learn about the many different ways of shopping for sustainable clothing and decide where you stand. One thing to keep in mind before shopping for sustainable fashion is to ask yourself if you are going to wear it a minimum of 30 times. You want to try to change the way you shop and look at clothes. Instead of buying that statement piece you know you’re only going to wear for one occasion, get something you know you’re going to wear a couple of times. Choose simple pieces that can be easily styled in different ways, rather than that one item you know is going to be out of style eventually. Below are 4 ways to switch to sustainable fashion.

Swapping Clothing

One way to shop for sustainable fashion is by swapping clothes with others, to start. Not only are you giving the pieces you get a new life, but also the ones you give away which means there will be less waste. Swapping clothing can be done through Facebook groups or apps such as Depop or Poshmark.

Slow Fashion

Another way is by switching to slow fashion. This way you have to stick with what you have for a while and may get difficult as trends change. When it comes to this, it’s good to think about quality over quantity. You should also consider if the pieces go along with your style and if you can see yourself wearing them for a long time. It is good to incorporate basics that go with everything and can be styled in many ways. Slow fashion is also environmentally friendly because you will be buying almost no new items. 

Second Hand

An alternative way to shop for sustainable fashion is by buying second hand. The pieces already exist, so there is less production. Second-hand clothing is found at thrift or vintage stores. When buying this kind of clothing, you are decreasing the environmental damage caused by the rise of fast fashion.

Vegan Clothing

Vegan clothing is another option as well to make the switch to shop sustainable fashion. This is environmentally friendly because it decreases the impact it has on animals. You also save the animals from dying for your clothes. Look for innovative materials such as pinatex or seacell and brands that use recycled materials. 

Organic and Recycled Clothing

Buying clothing that uses organic cotton is another way to shop for sustainable clothing. There are no pesticides and chemical fertilizers involved when making this kind of clothing. It reduces environmental footprint because no toxins are used, it doesn’t damage the soil and has less impact on the air. It also uses less water and energy. This cotton is better for the environment since you are investing in water conservation, cleaner air, good soil and the farmers’ lives. 

Lastly, clothing made from recycled materials is good to shop for when it comes to sustainable fashion. It reduces waste and less fossil fuels are involved. Plastic is one example of a recycled material that has been used to make clothing for years. Materials such as nylon or polyester is made from plastic. You may have to double check that the clothing is completely made from recycled materials. 

We sometimes forget the impact our purchases and the power we have as a consumer. By using these 4 ways to switch to sustainable fashion, you can save your money and protect our environment.

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